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11:113287657 C / T

Filter Status
Allele Frequency
Filtering AF
2.9e-05 (European (Non-Finnish))
Allele Count
7 / 118644
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Note: Plot may include low-quality genotypes that were excluded from allele counts in the table above

Note: These are site-level quality metrics: they may be unpredictable for multi-allelic sites.

Population Frequencies
Population Allele Count Allele Number Number of Homozygotes Allele Frequency
European (Non-Finnish) 5 65778 0 7.601e-05
East Asian 0 8574 0 0
Other 0 864 0 0
African 1 10162 0 9.841e-05
Latino 0 11350 0 0
South Asian 1 16056 0 6.228e-05
European (Finnish) 0 5860 0 0
Total 7 118644 0 5.9e-05

Read Data

This interactive IGV.js visualization shows reads that went into calling this variant.
Note: These are reassembled reads produced by GATK HaplotypeCaller --bamOutput so they accurately represent what HaplotypeCaller was seeing when it called this variant.