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11:5248225 CTT / C

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Allele Frequency
Filtering AF
2.1e-05 (South Asian)
Allele Count
2 / 121284
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Note: Plot may include low-quality genotypes that were excluded from allele counts in the table above

Note: These are site-level quality metrics: they may be unpredictable for multi-allelic sites.


This variant falls on 5 transcripts in 2 genes:

Note: This list may not include additional transcripts in the same gene that the variant does not overlap.
Population Frequencies
Population Allele Count Allele Number Number of Homozygotes Allele Frequency
European (Non-Finnish) 0 66740 0 0
East Asian 0 8618 0 0
Other 0 908 0 0
African 0 10406 0 0
Latino 0 11554 0 0
South Asian 2 16444 0 0.0001216
European (Finnish) 0 6614 0 0
Total 2 121284 0 1.649e-05

Read Data

This interactive IGV.js visualization shows reads that went into calling this variant.
Note: These are reassembled reads produced by GATK HaplotypeCaller --bamOutput so they accurately represent what HaplotypeCaller was seeing when it called this variant.